Features & Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Mechanical Industry


High Temperature

The discharge temperature of UltraVapor is 302 – 320 F (150 – 160 C)

For special applications systems with discharge temperatures up to 572 F (300 C) can be provided.

  • Melts oils & grease with embedded soils from equipment.
  • Heated surfaces dry quickly leaving them ready for use and preventing rust or corrosion.
  • High temperature opens the pores in materials allowing a total surface clean to be completed. Can be used to passivate metals instead of acid and water bathes.
Note: although the discharge temperature is high its low moisture content eliminates any burn or scald hazard for operators or staff.

Low Moisture

6% water content

UltraVapor uses only 2 to 13 gallons of water an hour (model dependent) as opposed to 180 to 240 gallons per hour for pressure washing.

  • Can be used on and around electrical and electronic equipment and controls without the danger of causing short circuits or damaging components so there is no requirement to mask off or bag equipment prior to cleaning. Eliminates costs associated with replacing damaged components.
  • Up to a 95% reduction in water consumption and waste water creation saving money for supply and disposal of water
  • Very little water to clean up after cleaning equipment – saves time
  • Minimal water use allows equipment to be used in areas without water drains and for "dry clean" protocols.
  • Low moisture with high heat leaves surfaces dry and ready for immediate use reducing scheduled downtime.
  • Low moisture eliminates any scald hazard for operators

Low Pressure

Discharge pressure is 145 psi (10 bar) compared to 1000 to 3000 psi for pressure washing

  • Will not damage surfaces, bearing seals, motors, sensors etc so there is no requirement to mask off or bag equipment prior to cleaning.
  • Minimal broadcast of soils and moisture compared to pressure washing means less spreading of soils to other equipment and surfaces and faster cleanup.
  • No safety hazard for personnel

Ability to add water and detergents in parallel with vapor Digital handle controls the addition of water or chemicals to vapor stream

Digital handle controls the addition of water or chemicals to vapor stream

  • Water assists in moving soils more quickly speeding up cleaning but with only a slight increase in water used.
  • Detergents, degreasers, caustics can all be used to speed cleaning and improve results and with heat acting as a catalyst less chemical is needed saving money.
  • Can add chemical treatments to retard oxidizing or achieve other process cleaning requirements.

CSA and CE certified

  • Design and fabrication confirmed safe. Certified compliant with applicable codes.

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