REA Special 2

Dry Steam 18 kW Generator

Super heavy duty industrial dry steam unit, for use in large production facilities

  • Stainless steel (AISI 304) body
  • Electrically produced steam production 70lbs/hr/31.8kgph
  • Detergent injection options with adjustable flow rate
  • Operating pressure 175psi/12bar
  • Operating boiler temperature 375f/180c
  • Operating temperature at the nozzle 302f/150c
  • Low voltage 24 volt operator control with high density hose

Technical Specifications

Power supply
480/575 volt 25/30amps
Water storage
32 gallons, unit runs 5hrs continues
18 kW
Maximum hose length
27.6in x 32in x 42in


  1. 1.  Steam only
  2. 2.  Steam + detergent
  3. 3.  Steam + water

Vacuum functions also available upon request

Option for direct water feed upon request

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