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Ultravapor Dry Steam Technology

Developed in Europe, dry vapor or dry steam cleaning & sanitizing technology has been used extensively within European companies for over 20 years because of its effectiveness, intrinsic safety and ecological friendliness. It is now available in North America and is being increasingly adopted by many of North America’s largest food processing companies to help address many of the challenges facing the industry.

Food Industry

  • Increased emphasis and public attention on food safety.
  • Higher sanitation standards which are verified through third party audits.
  • Demands for improved shelf life of products.
  • Rapidly increasing costs associated with water, waste water treatment, BOD charges etc
  • Pressures to extend production schedules which reduces scheduled downtime available for sanitation activities, requires more efficient and effective cleaning methods.
  • Constant pressure on profit margins requires implementation of more cost effective sanitation practices.

Rea UltraVapor equipment and systems are integral to many facility’s HACCP programs and are used on processing equipment, packaging equipment and throughout a facility contributing bottom line value to a company’s operations. Food Processing Industry segments currently benefiting from Rea UltraVapor include:

  • Bakery and Snack
  • Beverage
  • Cereal
  • Confectionary
  • Dairy and Egg
  • Dry ingredients (spices, coffee)
  • Fresh meat facilities
  • Produce (packaging)
  • Ready to Eat producers
  • Supermarkets/Deli

Mechanical Industry

  • Increased costs for pressure washing due to rapidly increasing costs for water and very high costs associated with treating and disposing of contaminated water.
  • Increasing restrictions on the use of chemicals and solvents for employee safety and environmental protection reasons.
  • Increasing cost and complexity with managing chemical inventories and complying with WHMIS and health and safety legislation.
  • Increasing liability associated with environmental issues resulting from solvents and other chemicals.
  • Pressures to extend production schedules reduce scheduled downtime available for cleaning equipment which can contribute to higher unscheduled downtime due to reliability issues.
  • Labor intensity for cleaning water sensitive robotic and computer controlled equipment.
  • High costs for repair/replacement of components damaged by pressure washing.

Rea UltraVapor Dry Steam Clean equipment and systems are used for cleaning of production equipment, general facilities cleaning and for in-line cleaning of small parts, tubes, extrusions etc.

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